8×8 Small Felt Letter Board with 344-Piece 3/4″ Letter Set + Special Characters and Canvas Letter Bag

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  • MINI LETTER BOARD SIZE – Decorate your personal, business, and social media space with this vintage inspired, 8” x 8” felt letter board. This smaller than average felt board will have plenty of space for witty quotes, poetry, office signs or clever sayings for Instagram and other social media.
  • OAK FRAME THAT LITERALLY LOOKS AMAZING ANYWHERE – With the current eclectic styles in décor, be assured this oak framed letter board will compliment any room. Letter Boards are a great gift idea for entrepreneurs, photographers, new moms, bloggers, shop owners, Instagram power users, and trendy Millennials.
  • LETTERS COMIN’ OUT OF YOUR EARS – 344-piece 3/4″ letter set including numbers and symbols to express anything. Included in the 3/4″ set is the full alphabet, numbers, emojis, and symbols like @, #, ?, $, ♥,¢, ?, ♪ not found with other letter boards. Also included is a canvas letter bag to store all your characters.
  • ON YOUR MIND OR IN YOUR HEART – A trendy way to display inspirational quotes, market your business, use as a photo prop, promote on social media, milestone pictures, pregnancy announcements, baby milestones, gender reveals, marriage proposals, wedding date announcements, wall art, or modern apartment decorations; the uses are endless.
  • OUR FAMILY IS INVESTED IN YOU – To ensure only the highest quality, the letter board love family hand inspects each letter board we sell right here in Kalamazoo, MI. Your purchase helps support a small family owned business.

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VINTAGE STYLED 8″ x 8″ SMALL FELT LETTER BOARD – handcrafted with a high quality oak wood frame and soft but durable felt.

ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY – Letter Board Love works hard to ensure your letter board is of the highest quality. Don’t settle for loose frame corner joints, glue on the felt, and cracks and dents in your frame. Letter Board Love’s letter boards utilize a slotted base board and high-quality black felt. We use a soft felt that feels and looks great, but will hold up to years of use. Each board is made such that the felt lays flat and has a tight secure fit on the board. Letters included fit snugly into the slots and are easy to put on and take off.

Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have the highest quality letter board from Letter Board Love !

DÉCOR FOR HOME AND OFFICE – Felt letter boards are a timeless and versatile way to display messages, inspirational quotes, menus, business signage, scripture and unlimited other options. Looking for the perfect gift for the home décor enthusiast or small business owner? Look no further than felt letter boards by Letter Board Love.

Business signage, weddings, photography props, entryways, home décor, preschools and schools, social media are just a few of the many fun and stylish ways to use our letter boards.

344 LETTERS & CHARACTERS – Included with each felt letter board is 344 ¾” letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols including @ # $ & * ? and more. With the entire alphabet at your fingertips, the possibilities to create are endless. The included letters have sturdy durable rear tabs that fit securely into the letter board and will hold up to constant use. Letter Board Love also offers extra letter sets in different sizes and colors if you are looking to expand your creativity. HANGING HARDWARE INCLUDED – Each letter board comes with a sawtooth hanger installed.